strcat AVM-only Concatenate two or more strings.
 strchr AVM-only String scanning operation.
 strcmp AVM-only Compare two strings.
 strcoll AVM-only String comparison using collating information.
 strerror AVM-only Accepts an error number argument errnum and returns the corresponding message string.
 strlen AVM-only Find length of string.
 strmode AVM-only Returns a string describing file modes.
 strncat AVM-only Concatenate a string with part of another.
 strncmp AVM-only Compare part of two strings.
 stroctal AVM-only Returns an octal string describing file modes.
 strpbrk AVM-only Scan a string for a byte.
 strrchr AVM-only String scanning operation.
 strspn AVM-only Get length of a substring.
 strstr AVM-only Find a substring.
 strtok AVM-only Split string into tokens.