All packages available in RedTamarin.

 C.assertVerify program assertion. 
 C.ctypeCharacter types. 
 C.errnoSystem error numbers. 
 C.mathyadda yadda yadda. 
 C.signalyadda yadda yadda. 
 C.stdioStandard buffered input/output. 
 C.stdlibyadda yadda yadda. 
 C.stringyadda yadda yadda.
 C.unistdyadda yadda yadda. 
 Top LevelThe top level contains the core ActionScript classes and global functions. 
 avm2.intrinsics.memoryThis package contains the XP API / fast memory ops 
 avmplusThe AVM+ package contains cross platform native API 
 flash.accessibilityThe flash.accessibility package contains classes for supporting accessibility in Flash content and applications. 
 flash.concurrentThe flash.concurrent package contains classes for supporting concurrency in Flash platform applications. 
 flash.cryptoThe flash.crypto package contains a function for generating cryptographically strong random sequences. 
 flash.dataThe package contains classes used for working with Adobe AIR local SQL databases. 
 flash.displayThe flash.display package contains the core classes that the Flash Player uses to build visual displays. 
 flash.errorsThe flash.error package contains error classes that are part of the Flash Player Application Programming Interface (API), rather than part of the ActionScript core language. 
 flash.eventsThe package supports the new DOM event model and includes the EventDispatcher base class. 
 flash.filesystemThe flash.filesystem package contains classes used in accessing the filesystem. This package is only available to content running in Adobe AIR. 
 flash.geomThe flash.geom package contains geometry classes, such as points, rectangles and transformation matrixes, to support the BitmapData class and the bitmap caching feature. 
 flash.netThe package contains classes for sending and receiving over a network. 
 flash.samplerThe flash.sampler package contains methods and classes for tracking procedure calls so that you can profile memory usage and optimize applications. 
 flash.systemThe flash.system package contains classes for accessing system-level functionality, such as security, multilanguage content, etc. 
 flash.traceThe flash.trace package contains Trace facility for dumping out method entry line number and file name information while executing. 
 flash.utilsThe flash.utils package contains utility classes, such as data structures like ByteArray. 
 shellThe shell package contains RedTamarin Runtime Native functionalities, and other redshell-specific functionality.